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The fastest computers of the world


One of sensations presently is the supercomputer. They can look as a small case, or a curbstone near a table.

Business and its requirements for calculations grow, together with it the supercomputer develops also.

It differs from the usual computer in additional processors and hard disks. For increasing of working frequency special processors are used.

They are executed on the logic circuits. The style programming is determined by use of group parallel of processors. We can divide given on a portion between different processors. Each of processor carries out a part of work together with others. During process they exchange the data. Modern supercomputers are expansionly. You can add processors for acceleration of calculation. For the reference to external memory, the processor should use the circuit of transfer of the information.

The new computers help the petroleum companies to estimate possible reserves of petroleum and gas, by data processing. They can simulate outflow of raw material from tanks.

The manufacturers of automobiles can imitate an impact of the prototype about a wall. It allows letting out more reliable and powerful production.

The supercomputers are used at telephone stations. The orders of steel to be processed quickly. Consultation, which serves the buyers, enters the applications for a line. They act on processing or immediately, or periodically.

The decisive triumph, can, consists in penetration of multiprocessor architecture into all personal computers.

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